Google Penguin 4.0

What Google’s Penguin 4.0 Update Means to Link Building

During a recent interview on Webcology, I was discussing Google’s recent Penguin 4.0 update with Jim Hedger and Dave Davies, but after the interview, the wheels in the cynical part of my brain really started turning. After nearly two years of waiting, Google has finally updated Penguin—this time for the last time, because now it’s been […]

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WordPress Plugins for Better User Engagement

6 WordPress Plugins for Better User Engagement

Being a prolific writer isn’t enough—you need engaged visitors to stay on your website. Fortunately, you can improve user engagement by combining clear, effective writing with a handful of powerful WordPress plugins. Aside from keeping your visitors happier and more engaged, this also signals to Google that your site is authoritative and trustworthy—which helps improve your organic […]

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