books for marketers

7 Books Every Marketer Needs to Read

Despite what many of the “gurus” today might tell you, digital marketing is not easy. There isn’t some secret formula or silver bullet, nor is there software to automate your marketing efforts while you just sit on the beach sipping tropical drinks. The reality is that success with digital marketing requires constant learning and lots […]

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Yes, You Can Judge a Book (or a Company) by Its Cover

You probably remember your mother, or perhaps a school teacher, telling you that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, and while their intentions were good, they were wrong. Sorry mom, you were wrong. The idea is that we’re not supposed to judge based on appearances, however, that idea contradicts the basic biological instincts […]

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How to Create Content that Makes Your Audience Share It and Talk About Your Company

We all want to produce content that’s so amazing that our audience—our target market, can’t help but share it, giving us tons of free exposure, but creating that content often seems easier said than done. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all produced content that seemed like it was destined to go viral—right up […]

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digital marketing presentation

What I (Re)Learned About Digital Marketing By Giving a Terrible Presentation

Before we get into all the juicy details that I’m going to share in this article, I’m going to first share some backstory that will provide important context here. A few years ago, I had some crazy health issues that had me in the emergency room a minimum of once a week for about a […]

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great web design is not enough

Why a Great Web Design Is Not Enough Anymore

Once upon a time, a great web design could mean the difference between a company either dominating their market or simply existing. Today, a great web design isn’t the sign of a cutting edge company—it’s only the starting point. A powerful web design is an essential part of business today, and customers expect it to […]

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