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Do you want to get featured in the media so you can become a recognized authority in your industry, attract more clients, and earn more money?

Of course you do!

Even though you’re great at what you do and completely dedicated to serving your clients, you still face competitors who are less capable and don’t care about their clients as much as you do, and they’re gobbling up business in your market simply because they’re better at promoting themselves.

Now I know you might be thinking, “I’d love to get featured in the media, but I’m not the kind of person who runs around telling everyone ‘I’m awesome,’ so people won’t be interested in hearing what I have to say.”

It sure seems that way, right? And that doesn’t seem fair. Those loud, obnoxious, self-promoters seem to get all the attention and opportunities.

Meanwhile, people like you work quietly behind the scenes, bringing massive value to your clients but not getting anywhere near the level of recognition or opportunities the self-promoters do. The worst part is most of those self-promoters probably aren’t even half as qualified as you are, and that’s hurting you because it’s limiting both your revenue and your opportunities. That adds up over time. It’s like compounding in reverse.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

You can get featured in the media and earn all of the benefits that come with that—without becoming one of those loud, obnoxious, self-promoting douches we all secretly (or not so secretly) despise. I know the impact it can have for you is huge, both because I’ve experienced it myself, and because I’ve seen it with our clients.

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So in this free webinar, we’re going to unpack the same strategies and tactics I use at Spartan Media to get our clients featured in major media outlets, like Entrepreneur, Fox Business, Newsmax, Forbes, Benzinga, and countless others. During the webinar, I will be covering the topics listed below, as well as hosting a brief Q&A session and sharing a special value-packed give away.

  • Why do you need public relations in today’s hyper competitive business world?
  • What do you need to know before getting started?
  • 3 Dangerous PR mistakes that even smart people make
  • Why you need to build an authoritative personal brand (And how to do it)
  • How to control what people see when they look you up in a search engine
  • How to filter out the bogus media outlets so you can focus on the real ones
  • How to build a list of ideal media outlets and journalists to feature you
  • How to leverage your publicity for maximum impact in your business

If you want to get featured in the media so you can become a recognized authority in your industry, attract more clients, and earn more money, join us on this powerful webinar!

Webinar: How to Get Featured in the Media

December 12, 4pm Eastern

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