Google Image Search Update and What it Means to Online Marketers

Google Image Search Update = New Keyword Research Tool

Yesterday, Google quietly updated the layout of their image search. As of this morning, it appears to have rolled out for most keywords in most geographic areas. They’ve also monetized it via PPC ads, as Alan Bleiweiss predicted last night.

Google image search

This can be used as a powerful tool for keyword research. Google collects and analyzes a massive amount of data, and they are handing us that data on silver platter, displayed as color coded subsets of related search terms.

Google image search gives you plenty of new data to significantly expand the relevant topics you’re targeting in organic search. It also gives you the knowledge that searcher intent for these topics aligns closely with your content because Google has already determined, based on user activity, that these additional terms are highly relevant.

While this isn’t a silver bullet to slay your competition, it does have the potential to help you leverage new opportunities that they aren’t utilizing.